Nearly 60% of female students say they have been sexually assaulted at university, survey reveals

Nearly 60 per cent of female students say they have been sexually assaulted at university, a shocking new survey has found.

Student news site The Tab asked 4,000 students about their experiences of sexual assault on campus for its 2021 Sexual Assault Survey.

It found widespread problems – with 59 per cent of female students who responded saying they’d been sexually assaulted at uni.

But just seven per cent of students reported their sexual assault to their uni, the figures show.

It found two thirds were unhappy with how their uni handled their case and half of were say they were told nothing about the outcome of their complaint.

It comes just weeks after reports of sexual harassment, abuse, misogyny and assault, published by the Everyone’s Invited website – an anti-rape movement recently set up in the UK – included the names of a host of elite universities.

A graph shows which universities had the highest proportion of students who said they were sexually assaulted

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Source: Nearly 60% of female students say they have been sexually assaulted at university, survey reveals

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