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This guide looks at online blackmail through sexual imagery – Sextortion.

The Resources

There are very few worthwhile resources for sextortion. Here are the ones we feel might provide you with a bit more information.

From the Non-Government agencies

Revenge Porn Helpline Home Office funded Helpline established in 2015 alongside the introduction of new legislation in which disclosing private sexual images and videos without someone’s consent became against the law. The helpline is run by a small team of passionate and motivated individuals who are always ready to help.

Tel: 03456 000 459

From the Police

Sextortion (cyber-enabled blackmail) – A video from the National Crime Agency highlighting the dangers of sextortion.

Sextortion reaction film – Have you met Jess? – A follow up video from the National Crime Agency highlighting the reaction to the watching the Sextortion (cyber-enabled blackmail) video mentioned above.

From Action Fraud – an article on a sextortion scam. Provides an example of an email typically used by perpetrators to make their demands.

The Legislation

CPS: Revenge Pornography – Guidelines on prosecuting the offence of disclosing private sexual photographs and films

Other useful links

From the BBC topics page – a number of informative articles on various aspects of sextortion.

The website Get Safe Online –an excellent resource providing practical advice on how to protect yourself, your computers and mobile device against online scams.

Sextortion and what to do about it – 11-minute video explaining sextortion and how to prevent it.

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