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Police Protection – A practical guide

Each year across the UK, hundreds of children are removed from harmful situations by the police and placed into ‘Police Protection’. We take a look at this valuable tool, which if used responsibly, can be a very valuable tool in safeguarding vulnerable children.

Dementia -The Herbert Protocol

We take a look at The Herbert Protocol, a simple risk reduction tool to be used in the event that an adult with care and support is reported missing. It is widely associated with people living with dementia who go missing, providing police with vital information to enhance the chances of locating a person quickly and safely.

Breast Flattening – a guide

Breast ironing is an age-old tradition, practiced in certain parts of Africa. The pounding and massaging of a girl’s breasts to delay breast development. In the UK it is child abuse. Read our guide to find out more.

Modern Slavery – an introduction

Modern slavery is prevalent in the UK. Safeguarding Hub examines what modern slavery is and looks at the various types, from organ harvesting to sexual exploitation.

Child Abduction Warning Notices (CAWN’s)

Many missing children are harboured by adults when missing. We take a look at Child Abduction Warning Notices (CAWNS), what they are used for, the processes involved and the law if they are breached.

Honour Based Abuse – The Facts

In the first of two articles, we look at Honour Based Abuse. What it is, who it affects, the crime types and some of the indicators that might help safeguarding professionals spot the signs.

Human Trafficking – an introduction

This article will introduce you to human trafficking, a crime that is intrinsically linked to modern slavery. Whilst not all victims of modern slavery have been trafficked, all trafficking victims have been enslaved.

The Safeguarding Hub Blog

Sharing Knowledge and Raising Awareness about Safeguarding Vulnerable People

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