Assistive and GPS Technology’ – Factsheet

A basic factsheet that takes a look at the different types of Assistive Technology that help reduce the likelihood of a person going missing, and GPS which enables carers and emergency services find a missing person quickly and safely.

Type 4 FGM – mixed messages

Is labia stretching a form of FGM? What are the views of the World Health Organisation? Is it against the law?

Missing and exploited children – Out of Area placements

Children who are looked after should be accommodated in care provision that meets their needs and is in their best interest. Does placing a child many miles away from their home area weaken safeguarding measures? What are the correct procedures?

Momo Challenge – 2019 Media Frenzy

February 2019 – Momo fever gripped the UK. A few days later it was declared Fake News by several leading charities. Was it real or an elaborate hoax?

County Lines – 2019 update

The NCA have produced their latest assessment into county lines drug supplies. Find out more here.

Missing Children – the controversial issue of restraint

Is it lawful to prevent a child from leaving a care or foster home? Can anything be done if you believe that they might come to harm?

Chatbots – a safeguarding aide?

Chatbots used in the protection of children and vulnerable adults. What are they, what can they do? Are there any pitfalls and will they bring anything of value to the safeguarding arena?

Clare’s Law – an underused safeguarding tool

The murder of Clare Wood in 2009, prompted the introduction of the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – Clare’s Law. Figures show that it is underused compared to the number of domestic incidents each year. As safeguarding professionals, we need to change that.


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