Stalking – The five motivation types.

There are five types of stalking motivations. Find out more with our ten-minute briefing.

Extreme Body Modification – the law is clear, well sort of!

What age can a young person get a tattoo or body piercing? What is the law around body modification? What are the safeguarding implications?

Assistive and GPS Technology’ – Factsheet

A basic factsheet that takes a look at the different types of Assistive Technology that help reduce the likelihood of a person going missing, and GPS which enables carers and emergency services find a missing person quickly and safely.

Type 4 FGM – mixed messages

Is labia stretching a form of FGM? What are the views of the World Health Organisation? Is it against the law?

Missing and exploited children – Out of Area placements

Children who are looked after should be accommodated in care provision that meets their needs and is in their best interest. Does placing a child many miles away from their home area weaken safeguarding measures? What are the correct procedures?

Momo Challenge – 2019 Media Frenzy

February 2019 – Momo fever gripped the UK. A few days later it was declared Fake News by several leading charities. Was it real or an elaborate hoax?

County Lines – 2019 update

The NCA have produced their latest assessment into county lines drug supplies. Find out more here.

Missing Children – the controversial issue of restraint

Is it lawful to prevent a child from leaving a care or foster home? Can anything be done if you believe that they might come to harm?


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