Gone cunch – what does it all mean?

Street slang has evolved into an extensive vocabulary, a combination of slang words and phrases, supplemented by texting jargon, hashtags and emojis. We ask how safeguarding professionals can understand street slang.

Child Care Orders – a simple guide

There are numerous pieces of legislation, both civil and criminal which deal with the protection of children. This article looks at the various court orders that can assist us in our safeguarding role.

Online safeguarding news update – September 2018

Catch up with the online safeguarding news stories for September, in easy to read bitesize news segments.

Parental Child Abduction

A father takes his child out of the UK without the permission of the mother and refuses to return. Parental Child Abduction is more common than you think. What can the mother do? What is the law? Who can help?

Missing Children – Risk Management

There are approximately 130,000 missing incidents involving children each year in the UK. It is impossible for the police and social care to provide the same level of service to every missing and returning child. Proper risk assessment is the key to identifying and responding to those children who are the most vulnerable.

Child Abduction Warning Notices (CAWN’s)

Many missing children are harboured by adults when missing. We take a look at Child Abduction Warning Notices (CAWNS), what they are used for, the processes involved and the law if they are breached.

Online safeguarding news update – August 2018

Catch up with the online safeguarding news stories for August, in easy to read bitesize news segments.

Suicide – The Dangers of the Internet

You can find anything on the world wide web. For most it is a place of joy, entertainment and education. Sadly, for those people contemplating taking their own lives, there are also websites and other platforms which exploit the vulnerable. We take a look at pro-suicide platforms.


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