DVPO’s and DVPN’s – Guide and Resources

Domestic Violence Protection Notices (DVPNs) and Domestic Violence Protective Orders (DVPOs) – a guide and links to useful resources.

Stalking and Domestic Abuse – use of covert surveillance

The use of covert surveillance by stalkers has become more prolific as technology advances and surveillance equipment becomes more accessible. What exactly is available? How easy is it for a stalker to obtain? How can safeguarding professionals respond?

Scammed – it can happen to anyone

If you care for a vulnerable person, how do you protect them from fraudsters? What exactly should you tell them? Where do you get the information you need to improve your own knowledge and inform others? How do you become ‘scam aware’?

Missing Adults – the law

About 90,000 adults are reported missing to the police each year. What powers do police have when a missing adult does not want to be found and return to their family or friends?

Secure Children’s Homes – sometimes the only option

In the UK each year a small minority of children are ‘locked up’ in Secure Children’s Homes. But what does this actually mean for the child and what are the processes in place to safeguard their welfare?

Stalking – The five motivation types.

There are five types of stalking motivations. Find out more with our ten-minute briefing.

Extreme Body Modification – the law is clear, well sort of!

What age can a young person get a tattoo or body piercing? What is the law around body modification? What are the safeguarding implications?

Assistive and GPS Technology’ – Factsheet

A basic factsheet that takes a look at the different types of Assistive Technology that help reduce the likelihood of a person going missing, and GPS which enables carers and emergency services find a missing person quickly and safely.


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