Clare’s Law – an underused safeguarding tool

The murder of Clare Wood in 2009, prompted the introduction of the Domestic Violence Disclosure Scheme – Clare’s Law. Figures show that it is underused compared to the number of domestic incidents each year. As safeguarding professionals, we need to change that.

Clever Never Goes!

The new Clever Never Goes programme, developed by the charity Action Against Abduction, seeks to moves the focus away from strangers and instead teaches children to recognise when someone (anyone) is asking them to go with them.

Online safeguarding news update – January 2019

Catch up with the online safeguarding news stories that occurred in January, in easy to read bitesize news segments.

Not all emojis are cute

Emojis are now part of everyday life, but used in the wrong way and by someone with malicious or exploitative intentions, they can be become threatening, coercive and harmful.

Safeguarding within Children’s Homes

The number of children taken into local authority care has risen by 24% in the last decade. A lack of Foster Carers means that many children are placed in residential homes. For a care home, safeguarding the children in their care should be their primary objective.

Gaslighting – a basic guide

Gaslighting – a form pf psychological manipulation and abuse in which the perpetrator makes the victim question and doubt their own perceptions, memory and sanity.

What is the law on: Paedophile Manuals?

In March 2015, section 69 of the Serious Crime Act 2015 closed a gap in the law by making the possession of a paedophile manual illegal. Find out more.

The Burglars Code – myth or fact?

Have you ever seen strange marks on walls and pavements outside your home? For many years police forces have warned that some of these marks may be linked to burglars. Most recently these symbols have been dismissed as harmless highway maintenance drawings. Is this true or is there a form of ‘burglars code’?


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