Inside squalid county lines ‘trap houses’

Police have given a look inside the squalid ‘trap houses’ strewn with weapons and Class A drugs where children as young as seven can be forced to stay while being exploited by county lines drug gangs. A BBC News crew followed officers from Northamptonshire Police as they carried out a raid on one such property and and found a 17-year-old boy who had been reported missing from London .

The cramped flat was littered with drug paraphernalia and a large knife was found on a bedside table in one of the filthy bedrooms. County lines gangs use trap houses as a base for selling drugs.

A charity worker named Rhys who was brought into a county lines drug gang at just eight years old and made to transport drugs up to ‘200 miles’ across the country painted a bleak picture of what it is like inside.

‘Trap houses are literally the most disgusting place you can think of,’ he said. ‘There are needles everywhere, there are drug wrappers everywhere.

Read the full story from the Mail Online below:

Source: Inside squalid county lines ‘trap houses’

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