Boy who took his own life while struggling in lockdown was failed, says mum

The Express reports on Ben Ambrose who overdosed on painkillers while struggling in lockdown but was classed as ‘low risk’ by a crisis team and allowed to leave hospital, an inquest heard.

He didn’t have the help he needed. There are so many children being missed like this

Cathryn Ambrose, Ben’s mum

The following week, mum Cathryn Ambrose found her “funny, intelligent and kind” son unresponsive at home and he died on May 3 last year.

An inquest heard the pandemic turned Ben’s life “upside down” and he had waited over two years for an autism assessment.

Ben Ambrose with mum Cathryn

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Source: EXCLUSIVE: Boy who took his own life while struggling in lockdown was failed, says mum

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