MISOGYNY is defined as displaying hatred, aggression, or prejudice against women. Misogynistic behavior is often linked to sexual objectification and harassment. Misogynistic behavior is connected to sexual harassment and frustration[/caption] How common is sexual harassment?

How common is sexual harassment?

According to a 2018 study, 81% of women and 43% of men had suffered sexual harassment or assault in their lifetime.

38% of the women who responded said that they experienced sexual harassment in the workplace.

The survey was conducted after numerous sexual abuse allegations against Harvey Weinstein surfaced in Hollywood, and the #MeToo hashtag was popularized.

Where does misogynistic behavior originate from?

The word “misogyny” originated from Ancient Greece. Ancient Greek philosopher Marcus Tullius Cicero reported that Greek philosophers considered misogyny to be caused by a fear of women (gynophobia).

According to Albert Bandura’s social learning theory, it may be that some men feel the need to be sexually dominant over women because of behaviors they’ve seen in others.

Read the full article from The Sun below:

Source: What does misogynistic mean? Word explained

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