Human trafficking is defined as the exploitation of people through forced labour or sexual exploitation by means of force, fraud or coercion . It is a form of modern-day slavery .

The International Labour Organisation estimates that more than 24 million people worldwide are trapped in human trafficking and exploitation.

Public awareness of these crimes has grown immensely, since It’s a Penalty first launched in 2014. Yet, there are still many that think trafficking happens far away, in other countries to other people.

Human trafficking does not discriminate. It takes place in every community around the world in some form, and no country is exempt. Victims of these crimes can be any gender, age, ethnicity or sexuality, but children and marginalised groups are particularly vulnerable.

Correcting these misconceptions about human trafficking is key to protecting survivors and preventing these crimes from taking place.

Read the full story from The Independent below:

Source: Traffickers often see sporting events as an opportunity. That’s why people need to know to spot the signs

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