“In addition we have used external funding to secure training from Prof Jane Monkton Smith, and are working with her around the eight-stage process to assist officers to identify high risk stalking offenders, who once identified will receive intrusive management.

Only five stalking protection orders were issued in Wales last year despite more than 7,000 reported offences.

The number of reports more than doubled from 2020 to 2021 and campaigners want better education so police officers can recognise when an order is needed.

Stalking victim Sara Manchipp said she was “concerned about the message it’s sending out”.

All Welsh police forces said stalking was a serious offence and the orders were one method used to address it.

Stalking Protection Orders were brought in two years ago, but a Freedom of Information request (FoI) by BBC Wales Live found that one Welsh force did not apply for any last year.

Sara, from Port Talbot, was stalked for eight months. The perpetrator was caught and jailed.

She said: “I’m concerned about the message it’s sending out to potential victims because it takes an awful lot of courage to come forward as a victim.

“I think the number of stalking orders in one year just highlights how the police are not taking this seriously enough.”

Sara said it was “positive” more people were reporting the crime but said the high number of offences showed an urgent need to prevent and educate about stalking behaviour.

“I don’t think a lot of people understand certain behaviours like unwanted constant messages does constitute as stalking and that it is a crime.

“I think lessons in schools or colleges could help people realise what is and isn’t unacceptable behaviour.”

Read the full article from the BBC on the link below:

Source: Stalking: Five orders issued compared to 7,000 complaints

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