Police and Universities issue statements on ‘national rape day’ trend

Warnings have been issued in Cardiff over a trend on social media labelling Saturday April 24 as “national rape day”. Rumours of the “event” have resurfaced online in recent days, with one post claiming university students in Cardiff have created group chats naming “hundreds of girls in them to be targeted”.

The allegations have widely been disproven as a hoax, but have still prompted police and universities to take action.

Police said the videos are “malicious and untrue” and Cardiff University said they are “taking these matters seriously”.

In April some TikTok users started to post warnings of an upcoming “National Rape Day” or “National Sexual Assault Day” that would legalise sexual assault for 24 hours on April 24.

Read the full article from WalesOnline below:

Source: Police and Universities issue statements on ‘national rape day’ trend

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