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Modern Slavery – an introduction

Modern slavery is prevalent in the UK. Safeguarding Hub examines what modern slavery is and looks at the various types, from organ harvesting to sexual exploitation.

Child Abduction Warning Notices (CAWN’s)

Many missing children are harboured by adults when missing. We take a look at Child Abduction Warning Notices (CAWNS), what they are used for, the processes involved and the law if they are breached.

Types of Child Exploitation

An overview of differnt types of child exploitation, including sexual exploitation, county lines and criminal exploitation

Wise up – don’t use ‘streetwise’

The term ‘streetwise’ is often mentioned in missing children cases. It wrongly gives the impression that a child is wise to the risks they may face, and able to get themselves out of dangerous situations. It is mistakenly used to justify a reduced response from safeguarding professionals. This can lead to tragic circumstances.

Missing Children – The role of the Police

Police are the lead agency when a child is reported missing. In this article we take a look at their role and what procedures they should follow to locate a child safely.

Missing Adults – the law

About 90,000 adults are reported missing to the police each year. What powers do police have when a missing adult does not want to be found and return to their family or friends?

Scammed – it can happen to anyone

If you care for a vulnerable person, how do you protect them from fraudsters? What exactly should you tell them? Where do you get the information you need to improve your own knowledge and inform others? How do you become ‘scam aware’?

Dementia – Sundowning

For most people the end of British Summer Time signals the start of the long dark British winter. For many living with dementia, the clocks turning back an hour can affect routine, one of the possible causes of a pattern of behaviour known as ‘Sundowning’. This can potentially cause a person with dementia to wander and subsequently go missing.

The Safeguarding Hub Blog

Sharing Knowledge and Raising Awareness about Safeguarding Vulnerable People

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Share Your Safeguarding News, Articles and Research With a Wider Audience

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