Oxfordshire boy groomed by gangs ‘let down’ by education system


Lara Patel, deputy director of children services at the council, said a new “youth justice and exploitation” service had been set up as part of changes following Jacob’s case.

A boy who died after being criminally exploited by gangs was “let down by our education system”, a councillor said.

Jacob, 16, was found dead in his bedroom after he had been groomed into a world of drug trafficking.

A case review found major failings by the authorities, including that he was not in school for 21 months.

Councillor Liz Brighouse said Jacob had “a legal right” to an education, and in her view it “verges… on the illegal” that some schools can refuse pupils.

The chairwoman of Oxfordshire County Council’s scrutiny committee added: “We should remember that schools are set up to educate children.

“No matter what their background, no matter what their family is like, no matter what – they are there to educate children.”

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Source: Oxfordshire boy groomed by gangs ‘let down’ by education system

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