Thursday night was strange in the most mundane ways. My partner’s phone beeped (he ignored it) and I received a Facebook message from a friend I’ve not spoken to in a while. She sent me a link to local news, reporting a shooting in progress just down the road.

As I read through the updates (shots fired, police called, no new info), my partner responded to messages from family checking we were alright.

The next two hours were spent poring over news and social media apps to find out what had happened. Rumours were moving faster than the truth and everyone was worried. Local news posts drowned under thousands of comments as everyone vented their frustrations online.

By 9pm it was over. A man with a gun had shot five people and was now dead. The details were not officially confirmed until Friday morning, but we already knew his name thanks to the terrified friends of friends who had seen him on their street. Jake Davison was 22-years-old, worked locally and made YouTube videos about the unfairness of being single.

Read the full story from The Independent below:

Source: ‘Incel’ forums should be tackled like any other kind of terrorist activity

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