Some of the most “insidious” images of child abuse and violence against women and girls could evade new online safety laws, a group of MPs has warned. ]

The Commons’ Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) Committee which is scrutinising the government’s draft Online Safety Bill says the legislation is currently neither clear nor robust enough to tackle some forms of illegal and harmful content.

In its report published today, the committee calls on the government to address types of content that are technically legal such as parts of child abuse sequences known as “breadcrumbing” or tech-enabled “nudifying” and deepfake pornography.

The MPs want such content to be brought into scope either through primary legislation or as types of harmful content covered by the duties of care.

‘A missed opportunity’

“In its current form what should be world-leading, landmark legislation instead represents a missed opportunity,” said Julian Knight MP, chair of the DCMS Committee.

“The Online Safety Bill neither protects freedom of expression nor is it clear nor robust enough to tackle illegal and harmful online content. Urgency is required to ensure that some of the most pernicious forms of child sexual abuse do not evade detection because of a failure in the online safety law.”

Read the full article from Sky News below:

Source: Illegal and harmful content could evade new online safety legislation, MPs warn

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