In May this year, a Scottish court issued a forced marriage protection order to the parents of a 21-year-old Indian woman whose parents were coercing her to marry.

The girl was raised a Catholic and was studying in the UK when her parents told her she must marry a 28-year-old American man and if she refused she would shame the family.

The parents told her: “After study every girl should marry”.

Despite her protests that she was too young and wanted to study, the girl’s parents bought her a flight ticket to India and so she fled her university in England and travelled to Liverpool where she planned to drown herself.

She wrote a number of suicide notes but when she went to the docks, she couldn’t go through with it and fled to Glasgow to be near some friends there.

But she was so distressed, she suffered a nervous breakdown and was ultimately admitted to a mental health facility in Glasgow.

Her parents used methods including subterfuge to access her personal details and track her address when she was released from hospital.

Read the full article from the Daily Record below:

Source: Forced marriage victim was taken from Scots home aged 13 and flown to meet stranger

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