The fight against grooming gangs is still being hampered by authorities’ fears that they could be called racist for documenting abusers’ ethnicity , an official has said.

A damning report by the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) found chlid sexual exploitation continues in all parts of England and Wales, a decade after it became a national scandal.

The report said children were being abused “in the most degrading and destructive ways” amid “extensive failures by local authorities and police forces”.

John O’Brien, secretary to the inquiry, called for a “cultural change” to ensure that child sexual exploitation can be understood and prevented.

“We need to break the culture where people are worried that they might be accused of being racist just because they record factual information,” he told The Independent.

“To tackle any problem you need to understand its scale and its nature. Data recording is crucial.

“If you don’t know how many people in your area are doing this and how many people are affected by it, and what type of people are doing it and what type of people are affected by it, you can’t begin to tackle it efficiently. So we need a whole cultural change.”

Official reports into abuse by grooming gangs have identified racism fears as an issue for almost a decade, but Mr O’Brien said cases seen for IICSA’s latest report were “very recent indeed”.

In 2013, a report by parliament’s Home Affairs Committee considered a widespread perception that the majority of perpetrators were of Asian or of Muslim origin.

Read the full article from The Independent below:

Source: Fight against grooming gangs hindered by fear of being branded racist, says official

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