Facebook tagged photos of beheadings and violent hate speech from ISIS and the Taliban as ‘insightful’ and ‘engaging’ – despite claims to crack down on extremists, report reveals.

An investigation claims Facebook is being used to promote ‘hate-filled agendas’  Experts found hundreds of groups supporting either Islamic State or the Taliban Offensive posts were marked ‘insightful’ and ‘engaging’ by new Facebook tools.

Facebook tagged photos of beheadings and violent hate speech from ISIS and the Taliban as ‘insightful’ and ‘engaging’, a new report claims.

Extremists have turned to the social media platform as a weapon ‘to promote their hate-filled agenda and rally supporters’ on hundreds of groups, according to the review of activity between April and December this year.

These groups have sprouted up across the platform over the last 18 months and vary in size from a few hundred to tens of thousands of members, the review found.

One pro-Taliban group created in spring this year and had grown to 107,000 members before it was deleted, the review, published by Politico, claims.

Overall, extremist content is ‘routinely getting through the net’, despite claims from Meta – the company that owns Facebook – that it’s cracking down on extremists.

There were reportedly ‘scores of groups’ allowed to operate on Facebook that were supportive of either Islamic State or the Taliban, according to a new report.

Read the full article from the Mail Online below:

Source: Facebook failed to crack down on extremist content, report reveals

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