Cyber crooks are grooming schoolboys to help steal savings from victims’ accounts. Gangs promise teens ­thousands of pounds in return for the use of their bank details.

Fraudsters then target people on the phone and trick them into transferring large sums of money, which the youngsters withdraw and hand over to the older conmen in return for a payment.

A man whose nephew was recruited said the 15-year-old was scared to leave his home in Clarkston, near Glasgow, after being harassed by a gang based in the city’s south side.

The teen was told he could earn £100,000 before needing to shut down his bank account, the family member said.

The gang backed off after the family approached a prominent figure in the Asian community and asked them to intervene.

Read the full story from the Daily Record below:

Source: Cyber crooks grooming Scots schoolkids to scam victims out of savings

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