“So, for many youngsters, that crucial and warm human interaction they need simply doesn’t exist. I know too well what it’s like to be a working mother. My children are still cross with me for the limited time I used to spend with them.

“When they were young and I was working long hours inTV, I used to talk about giving them quality time rather than quantity. Now I realise children need both, and that time to listen to them is the crucial gift our children need from us.”

The numbers turning to Childline are shocking. An average 430 pleas for help by telephone or online are made every day. Four times as many girls contact Childline as boys. Half of those who contact the service are aged between 12 and 15. In the past five years Childline has taken a call every 25 seconds. Since April last year it has carried out 73,088 counselling sessions.

Frequent topics include sexual abuse, parental separation and divorce, teenage pregnancy, substance abuse, neglect and psychological abuse.

Read the full article from the Express below:

Source: Childline ‘more vital than ever’ – Dame Esther says families are at breaking point

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