Boarding school pupils ‘let down by decades of systemic failures in protection’

Children at a private boarding school were let down by decades of “systemic failures” with house masters free to rule their own “fiefdoms” without oversight, an inquiry has been told.

Between the 1950s and 1990s in particular, boarding pupils at Morrison’s Academy were exposed to school rulers who could discipline them by “whatever means deemed allowable by that house master”, the Scottish Child Abuse Inquiry heard on Thursday.

The inquiry has heard evidence of pupil-on-pupil sexual abuse as well as physical beatings and emotional torments endured by children at the school in Crieff, Perthshire which was established in 1860 and was a boarding school until 2007.

On Thursday, its current rector Gareth Warren repeated the school’s “genuine and heartfelt apology” and agreed there had been decades of “systemic failures” in safeguarding children.

Read the full article from the Evening Standard below:

Source: Boarding school pupils ‘let down by decades of systemic failures in protection’

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